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In honoring the Prayer of Jesus, John 17 exists to inspire, develop and display love and unity among all of His followers.


What unites us is of far greater importance than what divides us ... John17


These are the stories of men and women privileged to meet in friendship and brotherhood with Pope Francis.
Their encounters have healed, inspired and helped form a spirituality known as the John 17 movement.

The testimonies you will read in these chapters are stories of men and women from different parts of the Lord s Church: Anglican, Catholic, Charismatic, Evangelical, Orthodox, Pentecostal, etc. As Pope Francis has said so profoundly, Let us have a gelato; take a walk. When we do, unity has begun. Contributors: Joseph Tosini, Mike Herron, Don Curry, Gary Kinnaman, Bishop Eduardo Nevares, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, Sharon and Peter Poppleton, Joshua Butler, Linda Morris, Cal and Lisa Jernigan, Bishop Peter Smith, Peter Petrov, Brian and Gina Kruckenberg, Pat Markey, Michael Rudzena, Ryan Nunez, Ken Costa, Mark Buckley, Matt Maher, Bishop James Massa.

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