Our first J17 meeting was a lunch in Phoenix Arizona. As Roman Catholics and Protestants sat around tables some for the first time there was a unspoken tension over a question in the mind of some Protestant pastors.  That question was due Roman Catholics consider non Roman Catholics Christian in particular Protestants. After a time of getting to know each other around tables and a short presentation from quests who came from Italy that question was raised to the bishop of the diocese of Phoenix Thomas Olmsted. His response settled the question that yes we do receive our non catholic  brothers and sisters as fellow Christians. That gathering around tables was the launch of the J17 movement. 

The first official public meeting between Catholics and Protestant leaders and their congregants took place in two different churches on consecutive nights in February, 2014. Pastor Mark Buckley hosted the first meeting at Living Waters church and the second evening was hosted by Pastor Dave Friend at North Scottsdale Christian church. The events were organized by Joe Tosini. Giovanni Traettino and Matteo Calisi from Italy both addressed the audience. They have been advocates of Christian reconciliation for many years. A letter was read by Joe from Pope Francis encouraging the first steps in creating friendships between all Christians from diverse church traditions. Suzy Kraintz led the worship team in praise and worship.

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