The Leadership Team of J-17 traveled to Rome for a private 2 ½ hour informal meeting with Pope Francis to speak with him and to hear his vision of relational reconciliation between Christians of all denominations. His conviction is that the unity of Christians begins with friendship, open dialog and humility. The goal is not that all people become Roman Catholics and believe all the same points of doctrine, but that we walk together as believing Christians in mutual love and purpose of sharing the good news of Christ. Of particular interest was his own personal testimony of surrendering his life to Christ at 17 years of age. 

Attending this event were the J-17 Board and spouses and some guests: Cal & Lisa Jernigan, Les & Chris Hughey, Don & Mary Curry, Ryan & Adrienne Nunez, Gary & Marilyn Kinnaman, Michael & Kyndi Rudzena, Joe & Mary Tosini, Mike & Marsha Herron, Peter & Desi Petrov and Bishop Peter Smith.

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