About Us

In honoring the prayer of Jesus, we exist to inspire, develop, and display love and unity among all of those who profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Mission Picture

Our Mission is to inspire and develop relational reconciliation and unity.

Inspire - Whenever we gather, we want our time together to leave people with an experience of what unity looks like and be motivated to continue pursuing what they saw and felt.

Develop - We want to help encourage others' ability to follow the desire for unity in their hearts. We find that many want love and unity but are not quite sure how they can accomplish it. We do this by spending time in relationship and sharing best practices of relational reconciliation. Display – We desire all the activities that we are involved in to be a vivid display to people of what true love and unity in Jesus can and does look like. We want to model what relational reconciliation and unity look like. It is much easier to follow an example than to follow instructions.

Vision Picture

Our Unity as Christians surpasses differences that divide us.

At The John 17 Movement, we are driven by a profound belief that the unity we share as Christians holds immeasurable significance, surpassing any differences that might divide us. Embracing both denominational and non-denominational affiliations, we are steadfast in our commitment to transcending barriers and coming together in the spirit of friendship and fellowship around a shared table.

As devoted "Servant Catalysts," we have been called to ignite a deliberate pursuit of healing and forgiveness among our Christian brothers and sisters who have been separated. Our primary focus lies in fostering strong personal relationships and genuine friendships as the means to achieving reconciliation. Inspired by Jesus' prayer in John 17, "that they may be one," we seek to see Christians from diverse traditions restored to unity.

In the unifying embrace of reconciliation, we envision a future where Christians can collectively move forward, empowered by the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit. United in purpose, we strive to manifest the mercy and salvation of Jesus Christ to a hurting and needy world. With a shared dedication to compassion and service, we aim to be a living testament to the transformative power of unity and love, spreading hope and solace wherever our mission reaches.

In this vision, The John 17 Movement stands as a beacon of hope, exemplifying the true essence of Christianity, and paving the way for a world where understanding and harmony prevail

The Beginning

All attempts to unify the family of God start with Jesus' prayer, "Father, make them one as You and I are one, that the world might believe You sent me." (John 17:21)

"The John 17 Movement began with an experience that I had early one morning in 2013 in New York City. I was awakened around 3:00 AM with a strong impression to pray for the newly elected Pope Francis. Not being a Roman Catholic, I was further surprised by a deep sense that I was going to personally meet the Pope..."

The Beginning Picture